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Memoirs From The Boudoir

Taylor Tara, a true mature Aussie lady, is an 
amazing, strong, and beautiful woman. 

Enter Tara’s private world, a world that, to some, is forbidden. Tara shares her personal journey navigating her way through a world she at first knew very little about. Tara is more than a ‘working girl’; she is an amazing advocate for both men and women and always wants the best for everyone. Tara passes no judgement onto anyone. She holds a commitment to herself to always be truthful, kind, and empathetic. 

She shares what she has learnt as a working girl, regardless of how it will be received. This is her amazing journey. Come along for the ride—if you’re game!

Book Stockists

Ask your local bookstore, or buy online at: 

  • New Holland Publishers

  • QBD online store

  • Collins Bookstores Online

  • Booktopia

  • Amazon (available as Memoirs From The Boudoir)

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