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A friend gave me this book, telling me to read a perspective from a different world... And what a different world I emersed myself in. 

From the first page to the last I was emotionally and intellectually challenged as I explored a world id always made assumptions about, an understanding shaped by the media and fiction, but one I never really understood. 

Without giving away too much and spoiling what is, without a doubt a must read, I have had my eyes opened and am now more empathetically enriched when viewing the sex worker industry. 

I felt like I was walking in the high heel shoes Tara was walking in, exploring the depths of emotion she felt with her and gaining a better understanding of human nature - following her experiences.

Upon completion of this heart-felt expose, I feel slightly guilty of the assumptions I have previously made about an industry hidden by mystery and intrigue. I cannot wait to read the second instalment of this raunchy series to better educate and aquaint myself with a world that is otherwise hidden behind a veil of secrecy.

- Bookworm Sally, Sydney

Loved loved loved the book I couldn't put it down cant wait to read the next one. you rocked it girl.


- Jan, Kalgoorlie

I finished your book "Tara Mature Aussie Lady" in one sitting- I couldn't put it down! Such an eye opener and very interesting. 


- Melissa Hansen

Thank you Taylor Tara for such an amazing book. I am not normally a book reader, however I started just after it arrived in the post and didn't put it down until I had it finished it at 3.30am the next morning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for raising awareness to depression, this is some thing that is very close to home for me and I appreciate that you are making people aware. 


- Kelly Butt xxx 

This book will let you into Tara’s private world, a world that, to some, is forbidden. Tara writes with insight, compassion, and honesty. She allows us to share her personal journey of navigating her way through a world she at first knew very little about. Tara is more than a ‘working girl’; she is an amazing advocate for both men and women and always wants the best for everyone. Over many appointments and coffees I have learnt Tara passes no judgement onto anyone. She holds a commitment to herself to always be truthful, kind, and empathetic. 


Taylor Tara, a true mature Aussie lady, is an amazing, strong, and beautiful woman. 


- Jo-Anne x (clinical nurse)

Riveting, fun, and informative.

- Lydia Neisler

Couldn't put it down; eye-opening insight into a frowned-upon world, an amazing emotional journey. I loved it.

- Joan Balfour

In 2010, I started a long-term photographic project called This Working Life, a photographic documentation of work in Australia. When I asked my sponsors how they felt about me photographing prostitution, the answer came back, “Absolutely obligatory. It’s work!”

And that’s how I found myself, one cold night, nervously telephoning a bordello I had found advertised in a local paper, to see if I could find someone willing to be photographed. The girl on reception who answered was amiable and friendly. By way of introduction, I babbled out an explanation of what I wanted saying; “I’m sure in this business, you get a lot of unusual requests, but…” She listened patiently, then invited me around to meet one of the girls.

Fifteen minutes later, I found myself seated on a leather Chesterfield in the surreal surrounds of an elegant “gentleman’s club”, showing a portfolio of my photography and making my pitch to Tara.

As she talked, I thought there was something of the young Shirley MacLaine about her. She was attractive, attentive and intelligent and had a quiet ability to put one at ease. She agreed to be photographed and I immediately sensed that here was a woman in control
of her life. I also felt that she was someone who would be good at whatever she undertook. I should not have been at all surprised that she turned out to be a very good writer.

Later recalling the sincerity in her voice, as she told me, “I really, really love my work!”, I imagined that Tara must have had a very satisfied clientele. Though we only met twice; through that first meeting and the ensuing photography session, Tara totally altered the
preconceptions I had long harboured about the sex industry. I’m sure this book will do the same for you…

Rob Walls - Photojournalist, Hobart 2017

I will tell you up front that I`m no reader by any means but in the past eight months I have red three books two of which where written by a lady that use to be a journalist before her new job and her two books and these two books kept my interest. But then I heard about this third book and new writer .I eventually got my copy and this new book really got my attention!! from the start. The title of this book: TARA Mature Aussie Lady Book One The Beginning.


It took me less then a week to read and not being a reader that`s pretty good for me, I was on call for work and was up till after midnight reading when I should have been getting some sleep in case I got called out to work. Tara`s book has it all , A hole lot of naughtiness , A good laugh , And a lot of eye opening sadness and loneliness that is normally hidden away. Every time I picked up Tara`s book to read I would have grab the tissues as well ,But that was a good thing.


Tara your book should be awarded a best seller and Tara your book out shone the other two books by far . The Compassion and Care you have toward your clients is beautiful and 10% of sales to go towards fighting DEPRESSION is wonderful. I had the pleasure of meeting Tara when I brought my copy of her book ,we had a good chat and she has left a impression on me what a beautiful and wonderful LADY Tara even signed my copy of her book well done Tara. This book will stay with me for a long time to come looking forward to your next book.

- Craig xx

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