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About Taylor Tara

Taylor Tara has three children and seven grandchildren. She spends her free time with her loving family and pursuing her many interests.


Her ongoing love affair with photography has provided many opportunities, including photographing weddings, functions, families, erotic photos for couples, and profile pictures for other working girls. With a love for everything she looks at, Taylor points and shoots at just about anything: insects, scenery, clouds in and out of planes, beaches, sunsets and sunrises, even the odd rodeo.


Taylor is also a qualified remedial masseuse and ran her own business for a number of years. She also ran a variety store and a coffee shop whilst raising her three children. 


Starting her profession by accident, she had no intention of following it through. However, as she got to know her clients, she saw the necessity of her services. Many of her clients were lonely and misunderstood, and just needed someone to laugh with and someone to hold them. She realised that there was so much more to her work.


Taylor decided long ago that when her book was finally complete, she would donate a percentage of the proceeds to mental health services that support people suffering from depression.

- Taylor Tara.

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